Andy's Publishing Adventure!

Hi All,

As some of you already know, I have written a novel. Yay me!

I'm trying to raise funds for self-publishing and awareness in general by using a very cool internet site called Kickstarter.

If you get a chance, please visit the site and learn more about my project. I would hugely appreciate it if you could all spread the word to anyone and everyone who you think might be interested.

The site:

Thank you!
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Blatant and Shameless Self-Promotion

Hi Folks!

I have finally released my iPhone app! It is called Verdigris and it is an interactive steampunk novella. I'd love it if everyone gave it a look. I'd love it even more if everyone plunked down 99 cents to give it a read/play. Also on my love list is signal boosting and reviews/ratings from anyone who does any of the above helpful stuff!

Recent technology should be bringing a huge resurgence in interactive fiction and I'm excited about both the possibilities and my own humble contribution.

If anyone would like to see more you can check out the (mostly empty) web page at or just go straight to the horse's mouth at the app store.


Asking the Group Mind

The topic for today is - wait for it - Blogging.

My mother has been studying and producing instruction design and certification for ... well, let's say a long time. She has a lot of written material that was originally going to be a book on the subject, but now she is thinking about starting or contributing to a Blog.

Any thoughts on existing web sites that would be the right venue for this project? What's the best way to get "out there?" Anyone have any ideas on marketing or publicity? Anyone done anything like this before. I'm looking at you, mikecap.

Thanks for any thoughts or help. My mother says thanks, too.
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Playing Jerks in LARPs

So, I've been ruminating on the old rule of thumb in LARP that says, If you play a grumpy loner, everyone will avoid your character. Its certainly true, that I avoid playing with people who aren't fun to play with, and I suspect that's true of everyone else, too. And most LARP (especially campaign style) are big enough that you can easily avoid a fair number of people.

So my question: Can you play a "likable" jerk? What are the elements a character has to have to be a jerk? What are the elements it has to have to be likable? And, of course, can one character have some qualities of both sets?
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(no subject)

I proposed a theory on the Threads list and I want to explore it further here.

Most LARPs that I've been in have designed games to appeal to as many different demographics as reasonable, and write something for everyone. Puzzles, Roleplaying, Mysteries, Combat, etc. This gets the classic grab bag LARP where Doctor Svengali meets Mister Spock.

These are generally the type of games I run.

Threads is certainly built on this standard, I've never seen a campaign that incorporates as many different mechanics and types of plots.

But what about the opposite theory. Pick one thing and do it really, really well. A quality product designed to attract the people who would enjoy that kind of game. If you're bad at and/or don't enjoy puzzle plots, don't write 'em, don't run 'em. Stick to what you're good at. Whatever that is.

Like so many ideas, I think the key to making this work would be to make sure all of the writers and players really understood and bought into this idea.

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You caught me Monologing!

So, finally made it to the new Mutants & Masterminds tabletop. It has run 3 times now, but I only just managed to be there for it.

As expected, it was mucho fun! My transforming robot hero (legally distinct from any popular 80's toys recently made into a major motion picture) was fun and useful both in and out of fights. The other players are fun and interesting people who have chosen an interesting collection of powers and personalities.

The group includes (or will include - I'm not the only irregular attendee)

  • a cosmically powered skate punk/surfer dude

  • a non-costumed psychic powerhouse with no sense of humor that he is aware of

  • a quiet and philosophical Asian wu-shu style martial artist

  • a standard superman type who's a thuggish horndog only in the super hero game to make money and meet women

  • a deeply disturbed rape survivor with anger issues and quasi-demonic shadow powers

  • a speedster

Yeah, its a large and diverse group. Its probably a good thing we've never all shown up at once.

The game went quite well, despite our vague and occasionally wildly inaccurate understanding of the rules.
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Nothing to Report

Its been quite a while since I posted, so even though I have nothing much to say, I'm going to say it anyway.

Creative use of white space should make it look more impressive.

Things proceed apace at the store. Nothing to write LiVEJOURAL about, but enough to keep the wolf at the door instead of in the foyer. I've been experimenting with putting some of my older stuff up on eBay and that's working pretty well, too.

Socially, I live mostly for online chatting. This is partially because I'm too tired/lazy to drive anywhere after I get out of work, and partially because I have made too many friends that live 6 to 20 hours by car away from me. And mostly because the Girl in Question lives in freaking Wisconsin.

I do get a great amount of enjoyment out of the league nights I run twice weekly at the store. Currently its Warhammer Fantasy on Mondays and Warmachine/Hordes on Thursdays. I get between 8 and 20 players, which I think is pretty darn good.

Tabletop role playing wise, I am in two games currently. The first is my father's every-other Wednesday Sci Fi D20 Modern game. Its early, but I think I'm really gonna like this one. The second is a Mutants & Masterminds game that has run twice. I have yet to attend. Dammit. Still, the GM is one of my favorites and I love Superheroes, so looking good!

LARP is still the big thing right now. Threads is made of awesome, Between the Cracks might just be the best written game I have ever played, and Void Stalkers remains the game that is way too much fun for no reason I can figure out.

So, all of this boils down to business as usual, nothing to report. Thank you for reading. That is all.
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